Friday, 2 September 2016

Hiatus and The Bet

In the month between posts I've had a second revision to Patrice (my newly sleeved stomach) and moved house - as well as having the longest stretch of 'busy' weekends in a row that I can remember! Weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, work - it's that time of the term.

The busyness of my life gets in the way of being good to myself sometimes, and one of my favourite easy ways to unwind is to read. I have an undergraduate major in literary studies and I think books tend to sense this... and breed on my shelves when I'm not looking. Personally, I love it. Surround me with good incarnations of the written word, and I'm a happy little Vegemite.

Mind Blown


Unfortunately, the Khocolateman gets lumped with shifting boxes of these books every time we move, after I've lovingly packed them into styrofoam crates to stop their corners getting dinged or their pages torn.

This time around, this manouevering took place at ten thirty on a Sunday night, after two solid days of moving furniture and other badly packed boxes (and still no breakages... hell yeah, and touch wood!). He was tired, hot and cross. I was tired, hot and cross. Debate ensued.

HIM: Do you even need these books? Have you even read any of them in the last twelve months?
ME: Of course. I pick them up and read the bits I want to remember whenever they come into my head.
HIM: REALLY? *meaningful look*
ME: REALLY! *level stare back*
HIM: Okay. Here's the deal: you have to read fifty of these in the next twelve months, or I get to chuck the lot!
ME: *about to protest, then remembers that in 2008 I read a hundred adult fiction books in ten months and then got started on the children's fiction library at work... and reconsiders* Okaaayyyyy... and if I do it, I get to keep them?
HIM: Deal.

SO. That's how The Bet came about. How shallst I make myself accountable? First thing I did was tell my class at school. They like a challenge. A few of them have read more books than me this year (lucky them!). Now I have about five coming to tell me whenever they finish a novel. They keep track of theirs and pay me out when they're kicking my butt - HOWEVER I also feel the need for some adult accountability - so here is my first month's efforts for the benefit of my blogging family:

Mmmm hallucinogens

Of that list, I have decided I can part with four.

The unintended consequence of The Bet is that I've realised I may have... outgrown? grown away from? some of these old friends. I may need to pass them on to others who will give them a second much-loved home. From the 27th of next month, I'll start sharing the list of books I'm going to give up, and if anyone reading this would like them, I'll cover the postage to get them to you. It'll make me feel much less guilty about saying goodbye to them.

Side note: I'm not planning on giving up the food blogging, but it is going to be a little less frequent while my stomach sorts itself out. I hope you'll forgive me and go back and feast your eyes on older posts, and look forward to having you join me at the metaphoric table again soon!


  1. Hi! Wildchild from swap-bot here. I read all of September's posts as I need to do something similar for mine and my grandchildren's birthdays for October. I have never had a gastric bypass, it just seems real scary to me. So I hope things keep going well for you

  2. Had fun reading the debate between you and Khocolateman
    By the way - I hope you are feeling better after your surgery ?
    (Blog Hop – September Round-Up, Swap-Bot ID : Vishruti)